Katsura is a city and Admin Protectorate designated to become the server's next spawn city.

Etymology Edit

The name "Katsura" was suggested by Ametza and taken from two species of trees found in Japan and East Asia. The name reflects the traditional and modern Japanese theme of much of the city.

History Edit

Construction on Katsura began on the 14th of January 2017.

Government Edit

Katsura is an Admin Protectorate, meaning its direct administration is conducted by the server's Admins. Beneath the admins, city government is split between the District Supervisors, who act on behalf of the admins in their appointed district, and the Department Directors, who manage the city's individual functions.

District Supervisors Edit

  • ledship - District Supervisor for Downtown Katsura
  • fang117abc - District Supervisor for Island 3
  • flipswiz - District Supervisor for the Mountain District
  • LucasAraleous - District Supervisor for the Stadium District

Department Directors Edit

Buildings and Places Edit

Downtown Katsura Edit